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What's New?

The Ultimate Load Cell Tester

The LCT-Ultimate is a stand-alone hand-held device that was especially designed for full trouble shooting of strain-gage based load cells.

Weigh Trucks / Trains in motion

Now you can get the LCIC-WIM board with embedded software to weigh trucks & trains in motion for slow and high speed WIM.

LCIC-WIM as a stand alone Loss-In-Weight rate controller

The LCIC-WIM with the embedded Loss-In-Weight algorithm was designed to function as a Universal Loss-In-Weight controller.

LCIC-WIM in Fill Mode

LCIC-WIM in Fill Mode The LCIC-WIM comes equipped with sophisticated embedded software to handle batching functions like bag/sack filler. Taking advantage of the ultra fast sampling rate, high accuracy A/D and the powerful processor on the board, it can handle most net-weight applications and especially when fast filling is needed.

LCIC-WIM as a universal in-motion Checkweigher controller

The LCIC-WIM with the embedded Checkweigher application, was designed to function as a Universal High-speed In-Motion Checkweigher controller.

LCIC-WIM monitoring package

The LCIC-WIM Monitor utility is a vital tool for analyzing dynamic load/force systems. It takes full advantage of the board's speed and samples the load cell signal at maximum samples per second, sending the data to the PC via the USB port and displaying it as a curve - load cell signal/ versus time. Customer than able to zoom, keep the data in a standard file for later use and even running some calculations like averaging on a required part of the curve.

High speed in-motion weighing controller

I.M.S Ltd. is happy to announce that we have released an embedded application for our LCIC-WIM board (Stands for: Load Cell Interface Card for Weighing- In- Motion) that was especially designed to handle high speed package-weighing on a conveyor.