Digital anchor load cell



The world’s most advanced digital anchor load cell that was especially designed to provide the user with all required data directly on a PC/ Notebook without the
need to add an expensive data logger or any special reading instruments.



Main Features:

  • Supplied fully calibrated and ready to install

  • Self powered. No need for external power supply, works on standard AA batteries that last for years (depending upon the required sampling rate)

  • Big saving on cables. Only one cable to link up to 64 units to a PC

  • Built–in date and time clock and temperature measurement

  • Built-in Data-logger that stores up to 8,000 readings with date/time and temperature. Customer can easily set up the intervals between readings to be seconds, minutes, hours or even days...

  • Supplied with free PC applications, that allow direct reading of force and temperature, as well as setup of the sampling time for the data logging feature.

  • IP 68 stainless steel or alloy steel Load Cell body, UV and braided protection cable and IP68 sealed enclosure to assure long life in harsh environments

  • High accuracy due to the built-in electronic board that improves the linearity and compensates for temperature changes

  • Standard RS485 communication protocol, allows customers to make their own applications or, use our user-friendly applications that are provided free of charge

  • Life time free upgrade to all related applications and free on line support

  • Simply battery replacement or alternatively, customers may connect an external power supply